52 Soda Bay Road, Lakeport
(Right Behind Lakeport Cinema 5)
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We Ask All Patrons To Observe
The Following Rules

Please Click the "Covid Rules" button at the top of the screen to see the additional rules in place during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Please note: the Covid Rules take precedent over anything on this page
  1. An outside food & beverage permit is required if you want to bring your own food. This permit can be purchased online at the same time as your ticket by selecting the "Car & Outside Food Permit" ticket.
    • Because we rely on snack bar sales to pay the bills, this food permit is a compromise to banning outside food.
    • Patrons found with outside food without having purchased the permit are subject to ejection.
  2. Lakeport Auto Movies is intended to be a family friendly environment. As such, we ask that you conduct yourself in a family friendly manner, including refraining from the use of foul language. Please be respectful of other guests and drive-in staff at all times.
  3. Speed limit is 5 mph. Please drive slow. Vehicles driving over the posted speed limit are subject to immediate ejection. Watch for people walking to and from snack bar building.
  4. All lights should be off on your vehicle once the movie starts. This includes headlights, running lights, parking lights, hatch lights, truck bed lights, and so forth. If your vehicle has lights that will not turn off when your radio is on, we suggest bringing or renting a portable radio. You may also consider covering the light with a strip of electrical tape or masking tape.
  5. Your engine must be turned OFF during the movie. This rule is to promote a quiet environment during the show. It's also to prevent any hazard from others having to breath your exhaust fumes. Please bring a portable radio, or rent one from the snack bar, if you are not able to run your radio without your engine running. This rule does not apply to running your engine at intermission to help recharge your battery.
  6. When entering after the movie has started, please turn off your headlights (and drive with your running/parking lights). Please ensure all lights in your vehicle are turned off once parked.
  7. The first three rows are reserved for cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other large vehicles should park no closer than the fourth row. Trucks with campers and other especially large vehicles should park in the back row. Hatches should be tied down at roof level to avoid obscuring the sight lines of vehicles behind you - or move to the back row.
  8. Motorcycles are not permitted at the drive-in
  9. Please be careful when walking from your vehicle to the snack bar or other cars, carry a flashlight and stay alert to vehicles moving. Children should not walk to the snack bar on their own.
  10. No tailgates or toes over the white line between you and the screen. Your vehicle, chairs, and anything else must be behind the white line. This is to ensure a clear driving lane and access for emergency vehicles in the unlikely event it is needed.
  11. No sitting/laying on the ground. For your safety, we do not allow anyone to sit on the ground or lie down on a blanket or air mattress (or similar). If you are sitting outside your vehicle you should be on a chair, bench, or something similar. This rule is to help ensure people are visible to cars moving around - especially those arriving late or leaving early.
  12. You are welcome to bring your dogs, but we ask they be kept in your vehicle at all times. If you need to walk your dog, please use a leash, and we ask that you do so along the fence line on the north-east side of the lot (opposite of the entrance). No animals are permitted inside the snack bar building.
  13. Walk-ins are not permitted. No re-entry once you leave. If you walk or drive out, you can not re-enter without paying.
  14. Only our radio sound broadcast of the movie or intermission music may be played where others may hear it.
  15. Shoes must be worn when walking outside your vehicle.
  16. No drugs or alcohol, No glass containers.
  17. Smoking is only permitted in the smoking section. The smoking section is the back rows on the far side of the lot (beyond the snack bar). Look for the blue lights on the big green container. You may smoke in your vehicle as long as you are in the smoking section.
  18. No barbeques, fire pits, or other open fires are allowed. Burning of citronella candles is permitted.
  19. No fireworks. No sparklers.
  20. Please report any problems, concerns or violations to any snack bar or drive-in staff.
  21. We are not responsible for damages resulting from accidents with other vehicles.
  22. In the event of rain prior to the drive-in opening, we will be closed for the evening if either of the following is true:
     A - Heavy rain has left the field extremely muddy and/or flooded.
     B - The hourly forecast calls for additional rain during the evening.
     Click here to view the current hourly weather forecast
  23. In the event of rain after the drive-in has opened for the night, no refunds or rain-checks will be given. We will show the entire program for any cars that choose to stay.
  24. The drive-in will not close due to heavy fog or smoke unless it obscures the screen, or presents a significant health hazard.
Failing to follow these rules, or instructions from our lot attendant or management, may result in ejection without a refund.

We recommend all guests start up their cars during intermission to recharge their battery. If you should have a dead battery during your visit, our snack bar staff can assist with jumper cables or battery booster box. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from their use. We do have a limited number of radios for rent if you are concerned about battery life or you have no car radio.